Interview: Ubisoft Canada’s Esports and Communications Manager Adam Climan on the Esports Boom in Canada

If you said ten years ago, that the gaming industry would be (almost) dominated by esports, chances are you’d be laughed at. Fast forward, and the esports industry has gone nowhere but up, experiencing a major boom amongst general and professional gamers.

Over the last number of years, Ubisoft has emerged as a leader within the industry, showing dedication to making esports more inclusive to a wider audience, while still honing in on the things pro-gamers love. Recently, I got to talk to Ubisoft Canada’s Esports and Communications Manager Adam Climan on the rise of esports, how Ubisoft balances its priorities, and where he sees the industry heading.

Check out the full interview below!

Why do you think Esports has experienced such a boom within the last year or two?

Adam Climan: With gaming continuing to boom and grow, we are seeing emerging audiences that are hungry for new ways to interact with their favorite titles. Esports is opening the door for both players and viewers to enjoy their games in a different way. Players are now able to show off their skills and compete or in some cases grow their skills and hopefully make it into a higher tier of play. Viewers are finding it incredibly satisfying to both watch others but also learn from the top tier players which makes it a spectacle the gaming market has never seen before. Esports is marrying up the best aspects of gaming which is something that appeals to gamers of all types.

Ubisoft has become a leader within the Esports industry, can you talk about how the company balances its dedications to growing Esports and its regular production on video games?

Adam Climan: While Ubisoft will always remain committed to producing the best games out there, the rise of esports has opened the door to create new opportunities within the company. Ubisoft now has a great team of esports specialists committed to bringing the best esports entertainment and programming. This team is focused fully on growing the esports market and delivering new opportunities for players and viewers alike.

In addition to building a community of gamers through the FAM Series, is the idea also to find experienced gamers that could move up to the pro leagues? 

Adam Climan: The FAM series is designed to make Ubisoft esports accessible to players of all levels in many key regions in the country. Of course we would love to see more Canadians make it to the pro league but the main goal is to make esports available to all and break down the barriers and stigma of needing to be a pro player. The Rainbow Six Canada Nationals, in contrast, is one of the key stepping stones for finding the next best Canadian teams and helping them move up the ladder to the pro league.

Are there any plans to hold FAM Series’ for different games?

Adam Climan: We are always open to new programs and Ubisoft is not short of great titles that lend well to esports. It is up to the community to decide which games will take off best for esports but we are working on growing our portfolio of esports programming in Canada. 

Why did you choose Toronto to host the finals for the Rainbow Six Canada Nationals?

Adam Climan: Toronto is home to EGLX which is one of the largest gaming events in Canada. We wanted to ensure the R6CN year 2 finals were being showcased or taking place on a grand stage and EGLX represented exactly that opportunity. We are happy to bring this forward for the local community but also the fans watching online.

From your POV, what are the main trends you currently see in the Canadian Esports industry?

Adam Climan: The industry right now is in a growth phase where many organizations are trying to find their place. The big trends right now are growing the right teams and making sure there are enough venues and homes for emerging players. So many players and organizations want to be part of esports in some way so the market is trying to accommodate with more opportunities for players and viewers to come together and learn about the ecosystem.

What would you say is Ubisoft’s top priority for Canadian Esports?

Adam Climan: To deliver the very best in Canadian esports entertainment and make sure we have a great time doing it along the way!

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