HBO Max Developing Four Original Shows with Ellen DeGeneres

Descriptions of the four shows are as follows:

Ellen’s Home Design Challenge– Similar to Ellen’s Design Challenge, which last aired on HGTV in 2016, the series will challenge eight designers to push their creativity to the limits. DeGeneres will appear on camera to provide humorous color commentary on the designers’ work. The show comes from Warner Bros. Unscripted and Alternative Television and A. Smith & Co. Productions (which produced the HGTV show) in association with Telepictures and DeGeneres’ A Very Good Production. DeGeneres, Jeff Kleeman and Arthur Smith are the executive producers.

First Dates Hotel– Based on a British format, the show will bring together single people from multiple generations at a boutique hotel for an intensive, tailor-made romantic experience. After first dates at the hotel restaurant or by the pool, matched couples can decide if they want to stay for a second date. Twenty Twenty Productions, which produced the original, produces with Warner Bros. Unscripted and Alternative, Shed Media and A Very Good Production; DeGeneres, Kleeman, Pam Healey and Dan Peirson exec produce.

Little Ellen– A 2D animated series that follows seven-year-old Ellen on a series of misadventures in her musical hometown of New Orleans. The 15-minute series, which has a 40-episode order, is from Warner Bros. Animation and Ellen Digital Ventures, with DeGeneres, Kevin A. Leman II and Sam Register exec producing.

Finding Einstein– Currently in development, the docuseries — made with the blessing of the Einstein estate — aims to seek out, celebrate and support the next generation of potential Einsteins who may help change the world for the better. It’s from Warner Bros. Unscripted and Alternative, Telepictures and A Very Good Production, with DeGeneres, Kleeman and Todd Goldman exec producing.

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