Box Office Report: ‘Joker’ Continues its Dominance By Crossing $900M Worldwide

Imagine this… someone from the future came to you and said that, not only would The Joker get an origin/solo movie, but that it would also rake in a worldwide total of $900 million. Would you believe them?

That’s right folks, Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix’s acclaimed feature, Joker, has officially crossed the $900 million mark at the global box office.

The film cost a relatively modest $60 million to produce before marketing, and is now guaranteed to generate profits of $500 million or more. This puts the film on par with the profits Avengers: Infinity War generated for Disney.

As it nears the end of its box office run, Joker is expected to gross north of $950 million, and analysts say that the film has a shot at the billion dollar mark. Following it passing the $875 million mark, Joker became the top-grossing R-rated title of all time, not adjusted for inflation.  

In terms of other DC films, Joker ranks at fourth in the highest-grossing DC films list, behind Aquaman ($1.14 billion),  The Dark Knight ($1 billion), and The Dark Knight Rises ($1.08 billion).

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