Box Office Report: ‘Joker’ Reaches the $1 Billion Milestone

By day’s end, Todd Phillips’ much-talked-about comic book movie, Joker, will have passed $1 billion at the global box office.

As it enters its seventh weekend, Joker has raked in a domestic total of $316.692 million and a global haul of around $998 million worldwide. At a budget of $62.5 million, the film has become the most profitable comic book film ins history. Yes, even passing behemoths like Endgame and Infinity War (15.3x its budget).

In addition to the box office milestone, Joker now holds the title of first R-rated movie to hit marker, and the third non-Disney/Universal movie to do so in just under a year.

The film follows Warner Bros.’ Aquaman ($1.048 billion in 2018/2019) and Sony’s Spider-Man: Far from Home ($1.031 billion in 2019), as the latest Disney or Universal to pass the $1 billion milestone.

What’s more, Joker did not even play in the lucrative Chinese market, as the government controls every film that plays in the region. With Joker not being granted a release, it makes the passing of $1 billion all the more sweet for Warner Bros. An R-rated comic book film about a character that, technically speaking, has never had a definitive origin, raked in a billion dollars. By all accounts, that’s a jaw-dropper.

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