James Gunn’s ‘The Suicide Squad’ to be Rated-R, Michael B. Jordan Pitches a ‘Superman’ Film + More from the DC Film Universe

A boat load of DC film news has dropped this Tuesday morning, hence the stacked title of this article. Some news will make you happy, while some will make your teeth grind. Let’s get into it!

In an exclusive report from Variety, DC Comics has begun to plot their future on the silver screen. Kicking things off is Birds of Prey, which is set be released in February 2020. The studio is said to be very high on the film and, following reshoots, is confident that Birds of Prey will be a success.

With regards to Robert Pattinson’s starring vehicle, The Batman, WB and DC are set to shoot some scenes in Arkham Asylum, the high-security prison known to comic book fans for housing super-criminals. But, the film will not take place entirely in the prison, as some rumors have suggested.

Should the film be successful, WB is looking to capitalize on the popularity of villain films, in addition to future sequels from Pattinson and director Matt Reeves. Warner Bros. and DC believe that any of these villains could headline their own spinoff movies.

Moving on to another confirmed DC film, James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad is in the filming process, and Variety stated that the film’s intention is to get an R-Rating. Similar to Birds of Prey, The Suicide Squad will have a similar tone, meaning high-octane action, emotional story beats, humor, a not suitable for younger children.

One character’s future in film that DC has consistently been silent on is Superman. Despite Henry Cavill recently saying that it is his intention to continue on as the Man of Steel, WB is reportedly still hazy on what to do with their legendary character. The report makes no mention of Cavill, but does state that Michael B. Jordan recently pitched his vision for the character. But he won’t be able to commit to the franchise for several years.

Variety also notes that WB and DC have met with J.J Abrams to discuss DC Comics, Superman, as well as another character (more on that later). Abrams recently stated that there were no discussions between him and DC, but that could’ve simply been a misdirect.

As for that other character Abrams reportedly met with WB for, that would be none other than Green Lantern. Despite the character(s) getting an HBO Max series, DC is still set on making a Green Lantern Corps film, with Geoff Johns delivering a script at the end of the year. Rumor has it that Johns, along with DC TV architect Greg Berlanti could take the reins on the GLC film, as they did with the series.

Ezra Miller is still The Flash, and DC/WB are still confident in the actor, who was initially cast by Zack Snyder for Justice League. Due to commitments on Fantastic Beasts 3, Miller most likely will not be able to start filming The Flash until 2021, meaning a release date of 2022/2023 is likely. IT director Andy Muschietti will helm the feature, and Bumblebee/Birds of Prey scribe Christina Hodson will pen the script.

Following work on The Flash, DC will have Hodson turn her attention to Batgirl, who is set to get her own solo film.

With conflicting reports about a Joker sequel swirling through the wavelengths last week, DC’s future in gritty, r-rated films was in limbo. Now, with The Suicide Squad gunning for that r-rating, insiders believe that WB is fully backing DC films taking more risks, and becoming more adult in nature.

There is no mention of more standalone DC films, but the r-rating gives insiders hope that DC will tap into the audience that longs for darker comic book films, something Disney and Marvel will most likely not do.

DC’s highest grossing film, Aquaman, has already set a sequel date of December 2022, and has James Wan tapped to return as director. A spinoff, titled The Trench, is in development and is actively searching for a director.

Finally, the news that’ll make some fans’ teeth grind. Variety makes not of the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut campaign, and while most of the reports regarding Zack Snyder’s long-talked-about cut of Justice League, this one notes that WB releasing the film is unlikely. The notion of spending millions of dollars to finish the cut is brought up again, and that WB does not see a reason to release it.

One insider noted that the campaign is nothing but a pipe dream, and that it will never happen.

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