Activision Files DMCA Subpoena Against Reddit to Identify ‘Call of Duty’ Leaker

Activision, the publisher behind the Call of Duty franchise, has filed a Digital Millennium Copyright Act subpoena against Reddit in order to identify the “alleged infringers” who leaked information about an upcoming Call of Duty title on its site. The company is requesting that Reddit provide the information for the user who leaked its content in order to seek legal action against the individual.

The DMCA is an act that protects Internet companies from liability for copyright infringement if one of its users posts content that’s protected without permission. In exchange, the company has to respond to requests from copyright owners to take down infringing material, among other rules for compliance.

“Reddit is the service provider to which the subject of the subpoena-Reddit user ‘Assyrian2410’ – posted infringing Activision content,” the filing, submitted Feb. 14 in California’s Northern District Court, reads. “The Content infringes Activision’s exclusive rights under copyright law. Specifically, it infringes Activision’s rights in its popular video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.”

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