Millie Bobby Brown’s ‘Enola Holmes’ Set to Release Worldwide on Netflix

Enola Holmes, Legendary Entertainment’s adventure movie centered on Sherlock Holmes’ teen sister, has been picked up by Netflix. Stranger Things breakout star Millie Bobby Brown headlining the film. Sam Claflin, Fiona Shaw, Helena Bonham Carter, and Henry Cavill are also on the list of credits.

The film is adapted from the Edgar Award-nominated book series by Nancy Springer and is directed by Harry Bradbeer, director of the television series Fleabag. Mary Parent, Alex Garcia, and Ali Mendes served as producers and Jack Thorne penned the script. The movie wrapped in September of 2019.

The movie’s plot revolves around the disappearance of Enola’s mother on Enola’s 16th birthday. The young detective seeks out her older brothers for help, but they insist that she finishes her schooling and focuses on her own life. Determined to solve the case, Enola heads to London and encounters a cast of colorful characters in her quest to find her mother. 

Springer’s book series, which began with The Case of the Missing Marquess in 2006, comprises of six books and tells the tale of Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes’ younger sister, Enola, who turns out to be a highly effective and determined detective in her own right.


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