Temuera Morrison to Play Boba Fett in ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2

He’s back!

Fan-favourite character Boba Fett will make his long-awaited return to live-action Star Wars projects, as Temuera Morrison is reportedly set to play the character in The Mandalorian‘s second season.

The Hollywood Reporter, who broke the story, notes that, the role will not be big, but you can expect the famed bounty hunter to come into contact with our titular hero, who as we know, is still carrying around a famous baby.

Morrison is best known for playing Boba’s father Jango in the Star Wars prequel trilogy. Jango was the template for the entire clone army, and was sided with Count Dooku and the Separatist army during Attack of the Clones. While Jango met his end at the hands of Mace Windu, Boba would eventually take up his father’s profession, famously capturing Han Solo in Empire Strikes Back and delivering him to Jabba the Hutt.

Fans thought Boba died during the battle at the Sarlacc Pitt in Return of the Jedi, with many saying that his death was anti-climactic. After a seeing a small tease of the character in episode 5 of The Mandalorian, we now have full confirmation that the character will make his triumphant return next season.

What’s even more interesting is that with Morrison returning as Boba Fett, this leaves the door open for other clones to make their way onto the live-action Star Wars projects. In addition, it’ll be interesting to see Boba interact with Pedro Pascal’s Dinn Djarin, since Boba isn’t actually a Mandalorian, and as the series will tell you, the armor they wear is sacred to the Mandalorians.

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