‘Shazam!’ Will Reportedly be the Next DCEU Film to Shoot

Written By: Nick Poulimenakos

Well this is exciting. Shazam!, the story of a crippled child who turns into one of Earth’s strongest heroes will be the next DCEU feature to head into production. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the project is aiming to start filming either January or February 2-18 with a 2019 release date in mind.

Daniel Sandberg has signed on to direct the film which hails from New Line Cinema, Warner Bros’ sister division. Sandberg is known for directing horror films such as Light’s Out and Annabelle: Creation. THR also reports that Peter Safran, Sandberg’s producing partner on Annabelle 2 and also a producer on Aquaman, has been brought in as well to produce Shazam!.

It should be noted that Dwayne Johnson will not be in the film. Johnson is signed on to play DC anti-hero Black Adam, who is typically Shazam’s nemesis but the studio opted to give Johnson his own solo film before having him potentially going up against DCEU heroes down the line.

Earlier this week, Warner Bros. picked up two future release dates for DC films for the year 2020. With The Flash running into countless production troubles, Warner Bros is looking to get other films off the ground such as Joss Whedon’s Batgirl and the rumored Wonder Woman sequel. Warner is said to be feeling revived after the critical and commercial success of Wonder Woman.

The one issue here is the fact that Shazam has yet to be cast. Both the role of Billy Baston and his adult counterpart have not had actors announced but considering this report, I wouldn’t be surprised if Warner Bros. were to make a big announcement at Comic-Con this Saturday when they enter Hall H.

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