Tom Holland on Which Hero Spider-Man Should Team Up With Next

Written By: Nick Poulimenakos

Not much is known about the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming. What we do know is that the film will take place minutes after Avengers 4 and that a different Marvel hero will be appearing in the film, similar to Iron Man’s role in Homecoming. Now, Tom Holland is weighing in on who he thinks should appear alongside one of Marvel’s most famous heroes.

When asked by the Toronto Sun, Holland stated that he would love for Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man to appear in the sequel.

“For me? It would be Ant-Man. I think we could have a really fun time with Spider-Man and Ant-Man. A mini-Spider-Man could be really interesting and so cool. Swinging from that Coke bottle to that glass [he gestures to a coffee table in front of him], but making it look like Manhattan would be insane. It would be a really amazing way to start off the movie. You see Spider-Man swinging around in like Rome or something and he suddenly grows and it turns out he was on a model.”

Ant-Man and Spider-Man? Tom Holland and Paul Rudd? Absolutely sign me up for that film. Pairing up a fast talking guy like Spider-Man with the likable, extremely funny Scott Lang would make for a great team. From a comedic standpoint alone, the two actors would work so well off each other.

Personally, I still hold out hope for Charlie Cox’s Daredevil to be the hero that makes it into Spider-Man’s next film. But that’s just the inner fan in me. Of course, the question of which hero will appear will probably be dictated by the events of the next two Avengers films. The sequel to Homecoming will likely deal with the fallout of the events of Thanos coming to earth.

Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into theatres on July 7, 2017

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