Disney Showcases ‘Incredibles 2’ Footage at D23 Expo

Written By: Nick Poulimenakos

Today is seriously an exciting day. Not only did we get our first details regarding The Incredibles 2, we have now learned that Disney actually showcased footage for the upcoming sequel at D23.

The footage (via Comicbook.com), was an exclusive clip only shown to the audience. Check out the description below:

“Jack Jack sits on Bob’s lap and watches a robbery on T.V. He compares the robber to a raccoon eating their trash and now wants to attack the raccoon. The youngest Parr uses his powers to move through a glass door, takes the chicken leg from the raccoon, puts it back in the trash, and puts the lid on the trash.”

“He and the raccoon get into a wrestling match through the yard. Jack Jack kicks him through a lawn chair before igniting with fire, throwing chairs out of his way, and approaching the raccoon. A mess ensues and the raccoon is left running from Jack Jack’s laser eyes. Jack Jack catches him in an umbrella and ends up wrestling him again, with the raccoon grabbing onto him and getting caught as he becomes a mushy, sticky substance. Bob runs out and tries to stop him, scooping Jack Jack up, but Jack Jack forms into five versions of himself. Bob picks them all up and he becomes one again. Bob is ecstatic to learn his son has powers.”

The mystery of Jack-Jack’s power will factor substantially into the film’s plot. Fans learned of Jack-Jack’s powers near the end of the original when the child fought Syndrome in the air.

The Incredibles 2 fights its way into theatres on June 15, 2018.

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