Preacher: ‘Holes’ Review

Written by: Mathew ‘JJ’ Simoes

This week’s Preacher episode focuses on it’s core characters while setting up a larger story with the Grail organization.

The episode feels like a direct continuation of last week, with ‘Holes focusing on the same plot threads as last week… and not much else.  This episode is very light on plot progression, but the main characters are each given something interesting to do.  Tulip is still dealing with the aftermath of her confrontation with the Saint and attempting to find closure.  In this case she does so by sealing up the holes made by one of his bullets in a previous episode.  This season has showcased a far more fragile Tulip than the first season, and adding layers to an already interesting character is always a good idea.  Jesse is still struggling to find God, or even a path to find God.  These last two episodes have shown Jesse become more and more disillusioned with his mission, so it’ll be interesting to have him meet Herr Starr with this mindset.

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Cassidy’s the real star of this episode, and last episode as well.  As Cassidy struggles with Denis’ request to become a vampire to avoid dying, the production teams make sure to show how unpleasant Denis’ life has become.  This make for great dramatic effect and allows the viewer to empathize with Cassidy as he struggles to make this difficult choice. The episode’s opening shows a more optimistic Cassidy, one not jaded by several decades of immortality.   It paints a very tragic picture of Cassidy’s life, and by the episodes end it seems he may be making another mistake as a parent.  Joseph Gulgin’s performance is these scenes was fantastic, conveying the pain Cassidy feels due to being an absentee parent.

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The hell storyline with Eugene isn’t getting any more interesting.   While the idea of Hitler as a protagonist is very interesting, there’s nothing that stands out about this storyline.  The hell as prison shtick has gotten old, as has Eugene’s need to self punish.  If anything this plot thread just seems to to be set up for Eugene’s new status quo when he leaves hell, but the road to that point is pretty dull.  That being said, Eugene’s time in the hole was a great scene, being both absurd and horrifying.  Also, while I like that Hitler is one of the protagonists of this storyline, I wish they delved more into him as a character.

Preacher seems to enjoy killing any momentum it creates, so the Grail plot thread has been moving incredibly slowly.  After Herr Starr’s great introduction in ‘Pigs’, it’s a shame he didn’t show up this episode.  The ending of ‘Pigs’ promised a new arc that seemed very interesting, and did nothing to follow it up.  Preacher enjoys killing it’s own story momentum, which is harmful to the show.  Now Featherstone’s new ‘friendship’ with Tulip is interesting, and when shit does hit the fan it’ll make for a great twist in the Grail plot thread.

The biggest twist in the episode was the reveal that the Grail had some involvement in the hiring of fake God, and his death.  This seems to imply a direct connection between the Grail and heaven, which would add an intriguing wrinkle to Preacher’s larger mythology.

A slow paced episode with some great character moments, but a dull hell-based subplot.

Score: 6.8/10


What did you think of this week’s Preacher?  Leave your thoughts and feelings in the comments.

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