E3 2018: Ubisoft Conference Live Recap

Welcome to Talkies Network’s Live Recap of Ubisoft’s E3 2018 Conference! Here, you will find live updates from the conference as well as the newest trailers from all the latest games and updates from Ubisoft. Refresh the page constantly to get the latest updates!

A big panda and a bunch of band members just danced to show off Just Dance 2019. Quite the production. Ubisoft is starting things off with a bang.

This looks like Beyond Good & Evil 2. More cinematic stuff, but very very cool looking. Confirmed,  Beyond Good & Evil 2. Still one of the coolest looking upcoming games but I have that nagging “too good to be true” feeling.




Now we’re learning about the Space Monkey program which sounds like a user-generator content program.

Joseph Gordon Levitt is on stage now talking about the Space Monkey program and how you can be a part of contributing your talent to the game. He’s involved with the project through HitRecord.org and he’s…surprisingly natural on stage at a video game presser.

Rainbow Six: Siege has 35 million players (not concurrently, but that’s still a hefty number of gamers playing a very hardcore tactical game.) They’re talking about the competitive events upcoming for Rainbow Six: Siege now.

Esports talk is done and now the presentation moves onto Trials Rising, which looks like a cool new Trials game. You can sign up for a closed beta at http://www.trialsgame.com. The game comes out February 2019, and it’s also coming to the Nintendo Switch. 


It’s time for The Division 2! Currently recapping what was said yesterday during Microsoft’s presentation of the game. The setting for the game is Washington, D.C. The crowd erupts as raids are coming to The Division 2. Ubisoft has a three-episode plan of post-release content in year one of The Division 2. 





Some Mario Rabbids stuff appears on screen. We’re getting a glimpse of the new Donkey Kong DLC. This is actually a musical segment so if you can’t watch the music live, just try to imagine it in your head.

They’re showing off footage from the Donkey Kong adventure. A seagull is flying around some of the levels and the Rabbid Kong just smashed the poor thing. Nice. Mario Rabbids is an excellent turn-based tactical game by the way.

Skull & Bones. A very nice pirate cinematic is playing on screen. No indication yet that there will be an actual story in this gam with characters. This might be all just window-dressing for the naval combat stuff that we’ve previously seen from the studio.



Welp, the guy talking about Skull & Bones just dropped an F-bomb and some guys cheered.

Skull & Bones is a shared-world pirate game where every player encounter matters. Though less reliant on multiple players sailing a single ship. Seems like each player has their own ship instead, which will definitely be better for solo players.

After watching a few minutes of Skull & Bones which looks solid, Elijah Wood appears on stage to discuss Transference. The footage show is… weird… very weird. Stay tuned for a trailer.

Starlink footage was just show and it looks like the coming together of No Man’s Sky and Star Fox. Ok so turns out that Star Fox is in the game. Which means this is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Guillemot is on stage and they’re talking about having Star Fox in Starlink.

Starlink looks like a visual improvement.

Starlink launches October 16th for PC, PS4, Xbox One.  Launches with Star Fox on Nintendo Switch.

The For Honor people are on stage and the PC Starter Edition of For Honor will be free moving forward.

New For Honor content, such as the ‘Marching Fire’ DLC.

For Honor will be adding castle Siege. A new mode that comes with a new Chinese faction.

Showing Crew 2 which has some cool vehicles.  The Beta’s available for pre-download now.

A game set in ancient Greece is being shown.

New Assassin’s creed Odyssey trailer.

The gender of the playable character is up to the player. Male or female.

Some altered gameplay as well, with the player being given dialogue options that effect conversation outcomes.  Similar to Telltale games and Detroit become human.

Showing some gameplay.

Visually it’s a stunning game to look at, beautiful and detailed set design. 

The game’s combat is very similar to Origins, and due to the setting (Ancient Greece), it makes sense that we haven’t yet seen assassins or templars.  Magic is also being factored in for this game and over-all this gameplay trailer leaves a strong impression.

Thanks for reading along!


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