Warner Bros. Dates Matt Reeves ‘Batman’ Film for Summer 2021; Ben Affleck Officially Out as Caped Crusader

The writing was on the wall… but that doesn’t make this any easier for fans of Ben Affleck’s Batman. There’s good news and bad news to have with this story.

Deadline is reporting that Warner Bros. has finally dated their next rendition of Batman for June 25, 2021.  Matt Reeves (War for the Planet of the Apes) is writing and directing the film. Ben Affleck, who has starred as Batman in three DC Extended Universe films, is officially out as the caped crusader and the search is on for a new protector of Gotham.

The movie will reportedly focus on a younger Bruce Wayne but not on a Year One incarnation as previously rumored. Reeves boarded The Batman in February 2017, taking over for Affleck who was originally set to direct off a script he wrote with DC’s Geoff Johns. The original story had Affleck’s Batman taking on Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke.

Insiders note that the reason for Affleck not reprising the character is due to his busy plate. He is starring in and producing the feature adaptation of Kate Alice Marshall‘s novel I Am Still Alive, which Universal won in a competitive bidding scenario. The two-time Oscar winner is also starring in the Warner Bros.’ Gavin O’Connor drama Torrance. 

Affleck worked hard on The Batman story, but apparently felt that he wasn’t the right person to take on this version of the Gotham knight. As stated, a search is underway for a new Batman. Affleck has commented on the story on Twitter, which can be seen below:

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