Iron Fist’s Origin Story Will be Completed in ‘Marvel’s The Defenders’

Written By: Nick Poulimenakos

Marvel’s Iron Fist was met with an incredibly negative response. When the series debuted, fans were confused as to why the origin story of the character wasn’t completed in the thirteen episodes since, by the end, Danny Rand didn’t embrace his Iron Fist persona unlike Daredevil or Luke Cage. However, we now know that Danny will discover who he is meant to be by the time The Defenders rolls around.

Danny Rand himself, Finn Jones has come out and said that Danny’s journey will lead him to becoming the immortal living weapon. In an interview with Den of Geek, Jones said:

“At the end of Iron Fist, [Danny] doesn’t even know what a superhero is. So then to suddenly be interacting with these three… [They] really make him kind of wise up and come to terms with his responsibilities a lot more. From the beginning where we see Danny in Iron Fist to where he ends up in The Defenders, he has made that complete origin arc. He has shed his immature self. The idea is, in The Defenders, he has in a sense become the Iron Fist.”

Jones went on to say that audiences will see a different side of Danny now that he’s fighting alongside a team.

“What we’re seeing [in The Defenders] is Danny is definitely becoming more at ease, I’d say, and more comfortable with his environment because he has others around him, because he’s not going at it alone anymore. You get to see Danny’s brighter side coming out, and he’s not so tormented by this, but also because he’s found his purpose.”

“In Iron Fist, he’s so unwound, because he doesn’t know who he is, there’s always so much confusion, and he’s always on the brink of a total meltdown, or totally annihilating something, someone, mainly himself. There’s always this high energy frenetic tension, but in Defenders, he’s definitely more responsible. He has ground, has drive. I’d say that’s the key word for Danny in The Defenders. He drives all of the Defenders to get behind him to solve this issue.”

Fans will be excited to see Iron Fist finally come into fruition by the time The Defenders ends which will pave way for the anticipated second season of Iron Fist. It seems as if the team pushes Danny to becoming who he is meant to be when they decide to come together and protect New York City. Honestly, as long as we get the Iron Fist suit soon, I’ll be happy.

The Defenders fights its way onto the small screen on August 18, 2017.


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