Preacher: ‘Pig’ Review

Written by: Mathew ‘JJ’ Simoes

This week’s episode dealt with the fallout of Jesse’s deal with the Saint and established the background of the Grail.

All hail the Floating Pig!

The episode opened with Herr Starr taking a trip to Vietnam on behalf of the Grail to look into a floating pig.   It was an amusing an unexpected way to open the episode.  After that the story transitioned to our main trio as they go to the last Jazz bar in New Orleans (I guess God’s seen em’ all).  After all the crap that the group has gone through, they stop into a, unique, gambling establishment to have some fun,  This lead to a funny con job that took advantage of Cassidy’s vampire nature.

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The narrative has slown down since Jesse’s confrontation with the Saint, as ‘Pig’ stopped to focus on the characters’ personal journeys.  Jesse is left dealing with the cost of his previous victory, as he worried whether the Saint has tainted him through their shared soul.  After having a heart to heart with another ‘preacher’, Jesse seems to be in even more unease.  Jesse did what he did to protect his friends, but things are never simple in the world of Preacher.  Tulip deals with the aftermath of her near death confrontation with the Saint and resulting PTSD.  This is an interesting road to take the character considering her self-assured attitude for most of the series up till now, and it provides a great opportunity for Negga to flex her acting muscles.  Cassidy has proved to be one of the most interesting characters this season.  His kiss with Tulip before the con was clearly not just for show, and this may be a sign of more inter-group conflict to come.  Cassidy being confronted by his rather shitty parenting history is engaging, as are his desires to not let Denis live a similar life to him.

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‘Pig’ presents flashbacks to Herr Starr’s recruitment by the Grail and it is thoroughly entertaining.  The series of trials that the recruits were put through was made more entertaining by how Herr Starr won them.  Starr has a very straightforward demeanor that plays well against the fantastical nature of the Grail, and Pip Torrens nails every scene he’s in.  Starr’s sexuality is touched on, and he seems to litter his sentences with references to sex.  At first it was funny, but as the episode continued it became excessive.  I know Starr is a little off-kilter, but his dialogue seemed bizarre for the sake of being bizarre.

Not much of the history of the Grail was dived into this episode, but they are excitingly anticipating the apocalypse.  The concept of an organization using religion and spirituality to manipulate people is intriguing, and the Grail very much intends to protect that power.  Starr’s unit, whom he took control of in an amusing scene, is dedicated to eliminating anyone who could potentially be a threat to the messiah.  This was shown at the episode’s ends when Starr killed the pig and those worshiped it.  This puts Jesse right in their cross hairs, though I doubt that things will be that simple.

Some more notes:

  • I really want to find out how Starr explained his superior’s death.  I feel like that would make for a funny scene.
  • So how many people know about the soul selling business, or is it just common knowledge in the world of Preacher?

Over-all it was a pretty good episode.

Score: 8.6/10


What did you think of this week’s Preacher?  Leave a comment and let us know below.

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