Game of Thrones Season 7 Review

Written By: Artur Galvao

It’s upsetting to know that we have to wait another year and half for the last season of possibly the greatest show ever to air. Game of Thrones is masterpiece of a show, but anyone that has watched the show already knows. Truly there is no reason for me to review the setting, the cinematography nor the acting. All the aspects have been great since the show’s premiere. All that is left to review: is the how this season has advanced the plot? How have the characters developed? Have these features been done appropriately? What were the best and worst episodes of the season? Lastly, how does this season faired alongside the last six seasons? Well let’s get started.

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The main plot of season isn’t as complex as previous seasons. For in this season the main plot is clearer than the previous seasons, due to the fact that all the main characters, that are still alive, start teaming up. Although, the plot is clear, a lot happens in the season, more than in others. Season 7 has a neck breaking pace that some people will love or hate. Despite the pace, this season delivers what many have been waiting for. Dani arriving at Westeros, Jon Snow and Dani meeting and the truth of his family are all examples of the fulfilment this season of Game of Thrones had for the fans. The main plot of the season goes as such: Jon, now being declared the King of North travels south to meet with the newly arrived Dani, in order to ask for her help to defeat the white walkers. Dani, not conceived by Jon’s request, chooses to focus on her conquest of Westeros and defeat Queen Cersei. Jamie alongside her sister ally themselves with Euron Greyjoy destroying Dani supporters (The Sand Snakes, Yara Greyjoy and Olenna Tyrell) while sacking Highgarden. Dani retaliates by burning majority of the Lannister armed forces on their way back to King’s Landing. After that, Dani starts believing what Jon is saying and allows him to get back to the north the capture a Walker, so that Cersei will believe that army of dead is real and possibly help in the Great War against the White Walkers. Dani loses a dragon while trying to save Jon and company from beyond the wall, but they make back safely. Cersei and Dani finally meet during tense truce making agreement. While Cersei doesn’t plan to help, Jamie does and rides North to meet with the mother of dragons. The Night King arrives and destroys the Wall with his blue eyes white dragon (and yes that’s what I’m calling it from now on). The dead now march on to the south. Dani and Jon finally get it on while we find out finally that Jon is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, being the son of Prince Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. HOLY SHIT THAT WAS A LOT! Keep mind that is just the main plot, there is still a lot of Sansa/Arya, Sam and Bran side plots that I didn’t mention.

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Clearly the plot is heavily advanced in way that felt natural and it makes the series better because of it. Apart from two episodes of set-up the rest is constantly action. This season had great entertainment but lacked some of what made the others seasons feel so special. Many characters which made other seasons a delight to watch are pushed aside to make way for everything mentioned in the previous paragraph. Characters like Petyr Baelish, Varys and if wasn’t for the final episode, Tyrion. The season makes up a lot of ground for previous season. Characters seem to be warping back and forward on the map. Where in a previous years it took a character almost an entire season from going to one place to another, this season it takes a character one scene. Take Episode 6 “Beyond the Wall” for example. Jon sends Gendry to send a raven to Dani so she can save them. The raven goes from Eastwatch to Dragonstone then Dani flies from Dragonstone to beyond the Wall in manner of a day. This requires a certain degree of disbelief in order to be enjoyable. Keep in mind, Game of Thrones is a show where the map is important. So important that, it is in start of every episode, showing us where we’ll be that episode. Overall, the story is still engaging because the characters still feel real and compelling. Every character ends the season in a different way then they started, for better or worst. I think that it is for the better. Personally, I believe every character has been given a new layer of complexity in the season that’s aids them development. This is season seven of this show and usually by this point characters, become stale and become uninteresting. This doesn’t seem to apply for characters for Game of Thrones, each character I feel gets better with each season.

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Undeniably, the best episode in my opinion was episode four the “Spoils of War”. So far, this episode had the best battle scene in terms of weight and action. This is one of the episodes where see true character development happening. Jamie realises that there is no way him and Cersei can win the war now, and this causes a rift between the siblings. Dani is finally starting to flight with dragons, taking leadership to the front lines. This makes her a more compelling ruler than anyone else we’ve seen in this show. The Dragon (Drogon) is a spectacle to watch, demonstrating that TV effects are getting better than movie effects. It is because of this episode that I now feel that the finally of the show has to be features in theatres on IMAX.

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Worst episode would have go to first episode of season 7 ‘Dragonstone’. Keep in mind when I say worst it doesn’t mean bad. Many of this shows w+orst episodes would considered the best within other shows. That’s just to show you how great the series is. The reason why that the worst episode is completely for basis reasons. Tyrion is my favorite character within the series and he gets barely any lines. In addition, this episode is a set-up episode for a far superior episode that supersede it. I understand that set up episode are important for us to get a pay-off, but I waited almost a year and half for a set-up episode. Now, you may think I’m not being fair, which I probably am, but I need to somehow choose a worst episode in the season.

Overall this season has a delight to watch and perfectly sets-up the final season of the possibly the world’s greatest show. Breaking Bad, their coming for your throne.


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