‘Avengers: Infinity War:’ Tony & Pepper Originally Had A Cameo-Filled Scene


For those who have already experienced the cinematic milestone that is Avengers: Infinity War, fans know that, while she does not have a big role, Pepper Potts appears in during the beginning of the film, specifically during a sequence where Tony proclaims that he wants to start a family with Pepper. Doctor Strange then interrupts the couple, bringing Tony into the fold in the war against Thanos. Now, Infinity War screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely have revealed that Tony and Pepper originally had a much longer scene in the film.

One of the strengths of Avengers: Infinity War is how many great moments are packed into the film, whether the appearances by a character are big or small. Markus and McFeely talked exclusively with Collider about how the scene with Tony and Pepper at the beginning was meant to be much longer:

“We shot an entirely different, I’m being serious, [scene]. We shot an unbelievably long version of Tony and Pepper in the park that featured cameos and it was sort of Robert [Downey Jr.] and his friends’ day at the park. Went a little crazy and then when we turned the camera off…”

Unsurprisingly, the “friend’s day” at the park was going to feature a plethora of cameos from MCU characters as well as director Joe Russo. Markus revealed why they ended up cutting the scene from the film:

“It got kind of out of control. It was off-plot entirely so we went back and we wrote one that was in a different place, that was much more tonally on plot, took place in a different place. It was Tony and Pepper. We shot it and it was kind of lovely but it got you off on the wrong foot with Tony. It was like he knew the movie was about to happen. So, we went back down to an edited down version of that park scene. I have vivid memories of shooting and writing that scene you’ll never see, or maybe, you never know…”

Evidenced by the cover photo, Jon Favreau’s Happy Hogan was clearly on site during the filming of the scene. While he was confirmed as a cast member for the film, he never actually appeared along with several other confirmed no-shows (Jeremy Renner, Angela Bassett, Paul Rudd and Tessa Thompson). Maybe one day the directors will become more lenient on the secrecy surrounding the films and reveal who was set to appear in the sequence…

Avengers: Infinity War is in theatres everywhere now. 

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