Hunt for Wolverine: Dead Ends #1 Review

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This comic is barely a story. It is an epilogue that summarizes the outcome of each Hunt for Wolverine mini-series and ends with a tease for what’s to come in Return of Wolverine. Reading this comic — up until the end where something actually happens — felt like scrolling through a Wikipedia article about Wolverine’s return story thus far.

Kitty Pryde, Iron Man and Daredevil sum up the bits of information they discovered in their quests to locate Wolverine’s body, with all of it piecing together to create a new adversary. Said enemy soon makes themselves known as they attack out heroes before revealing what happened to Wolverine. Pretty much a straight forward action comic with a large helping of exposition, though there are some bright points.

Persephone actually seems interesting and I do want to know her plans for Wolverine, as well as  world at large. I also really dig her design. The art is fine and the script has some good banter, with Soule making this comic somewhat enjoyable for the giant exposition dump that it is. Honestly, the one great thing about this book is that if you want to be caught up for the return of Marvel’s most bankable mutant, reading this one shot saves you the money it would cost to read each lead-in mini-series.

Rating: 2/5 – Satisfactory


What did you think of Dead Ends and the Hunt for Wolverine in general? Leave a comment and let us know.

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