Rumor: Loki and Scarlet Witch To Get Their own Shows on Disney Play

With the exception of Netflix corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it seemed like the franchise had given up on expanding into serialized storytelling. Marvel’s Most Wanted was never picked up to series, Agent Carter was canceled after two seasons and other television series concepts have gone nowhere in their development. All is, however, not lost.

Disney has already announced their streaming service which will feature a variety of content that would include their Marvel superheroes. According to a report from Variety the streaming service will be the home to a number of web-series, all of which will be set in the MCU. These new offerings will most likely include two series focusing on the Scarlet Witch and Loki. Both characters would be played by their MCU actors, Elizabeth Olson and Tom Hiddleston, which makes both shows spin-offs of the Avengers films.

The series would feature heavy involvement from Kevin Feige and would reportedly feature large budgets, which is no surprise considering what the company may spend on their Star War live action series — also exclusive to Disney’s new streaming service.  Each series would include six to eight episodes, which is a much smaller number than their Netflix shows. Considering complaints about poor pacing in series like Luke Cage and Iron Fist this may not be a bad idea.

None of this has been made official by Disney. The validity of all this remains to be seen.


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