Zack Snyder, Gal Gadot, Ben Affleck, and More Call for the Release of the ‘Justice League’ Snyder Cut

Two years ago, Warner Bros. released the highly anticipated Justice League. The film had been one of the most talked about projects of 2017, due to its rumors or major reshoots, Zack Snyder leaving due to a family tragedy, and the pressure of being a success after the drama of Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad.

What we saw in theatres, was anything but a success. It was clear that the film had been changed drastically when compared to its earlier trailers, and fears that WB and Joss Whedon (who was brought in to finish the film after Snyder left) had altered Snyder’s vision were made a reality. Critically, it fared slightly better, but fans made their displeasure known, as the film became the lowest grossing DCEU film.

Since then, fans everywhere had begun calling for the “Snyder Cut,” which was Zack Snyder’s story of Justice League. The one that delved into the rich history of DC Comics, and continued his story arc that began with Man of Steel.

Today, the “Release the Snyder Cut” campaign launched a call to arms to any and all who wanted to see the film, asking fans to help build awareness for their mission to help get Snyder’s vision realized. In addition to becoming one of the most trending topics on Twitter, they got an amazing boost from several high-profile actors in Hollywood.

Jason Momoa, who plays Aquaman, and Rey Fisher, who starred in JL as Cyborg, have already made their feelings on the Snyder Cut quite clear, with both calling for its release. Today saw Gal Gadot, who plays Wonder Woman, tweet out her support for the release, releasing a new still from the original cut of Justice League:

Following Gadot’s tweet, Zack Snyder himself made a return to Twitter to voice his support for Gadot, and stated that the “Amazonian can’t be wrong,” when it comes to fans seeing the Snyder Cut:

Probably the most shocking moment came from Ben Affleck, the former Batman who starred in Snyder’s Batman V Superman and Justice League. Affleck was set to star in a solo film, before he eventually dropped out, and Matt Reeves brought in Robert Pattinson to star in the now “reboot” film. Neverthelless, Affleck tweeted out his support for seeing the Snyder Cut, the first time he ever mentioned the topic:

Since then, several Hollywood mainstays have voiced their support for Snyder and the campagin, including David Ayer (director of Suicide Squad) and Damon Lindelof (creator of the Watchmen tv series):

That being said, as of now, insiders suggest that no announcement of a release of a Snyder Cut is imminent.  But this was never about an announcement… not yet anyway.

This is about a director being able to show fans his vision for Justice League. On Batman V Superman, Snyder saw his film cut up and distributed to theatres, resulting in a critical panning. The Ultimate Cut of BvS showcased how the film SHOULD have been released.

Same thing goes for David Ayer’s Suicide Squad. A film that was also shredded in the editing room and released to negative reviews, Ayer never got the chance to show films his true vision for the project.

Now, with Justice League, there is a chance for fans, and Snyder for that matter, to have closure on his time with the DC film universe. It should be a no brainer at this point, but, RELEASE THE SNYDER CUT.

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